Sona Private Training Center

Captain Bobby – as he calls himself – is a Physical Trainer. He sends unsolicited SMS to thousands of people through a network of sim cards that he has and runs service against TRAI rules. My complaint is as below:
1. I happen to respond to one such message and asked for charges for fitness training
2. He called back and offered 15000/- for 3 months and promised significant weight reduction and muscle gain
3. He wanted 100% advance. However, I negotiated to give 5000/- for first month and rest after completion of one month.
4. He came for 6-7 days to gain my trust
5. He advised me to buy new dumbells from him worth 7-8 thousand. I declined.
6. Then he advised Protein supplement for muscle gain for 5000/-. I agreed and paid 5000/-
7. He disappeared.
8. I sent SMS, calls, no response.
9. After two months, I sent sms to him that I got new dumbell sets and was busy…can we restart?..I wanted to meet him face to face.
10. He called back and asked for balance payment. I agreed and asked him to come to my office and collect.
11. he avoided coming to office or residence and wanted to meet outside. I agreed.
12. He came suddenly near our society and called to meet me for balance payment. I called him at society gate so that we can video record him (society has video camera fitted)
13. he came and I asked for my money back. He said he does not have but will return. I took his snap, mobike number. he promised that he would return 4500/- next daay by 12 noon.
14. Tomorrow never came
15. I threatened for police complaint. He sms me back that he is sending the money.
16. Money never came. he stopped responding.
17. I see more to it. His operations were suspicious. I see more to it than just cheating. Needs thorough background check of this person.
18. He never reveals his address. never invites to his office/work area.

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  1. The Sona private training Center is the best Training center and Gymnacium in ahmedabad. i am the customer of sona private training center and Mr. Boby Samant is the trainer. he is a very nice trainer.