Spicejet – Failure to refund payment for a flight Spicejet cancelled

Reported By: Stuart Galban

Contact information:
Spicejet Gurgaon

Spicejet cancelled our flight from Bangkok to New Delhi on Saturday 21st March 2020. Spicejet has promised a full refund. Spicejet’s charter states a refund shall be given within 7 days if paid by credit card. Furthermore, India’s Supreme Court ruled that Spicejet must pay refunds before 31st March 2021.
However, after over 15 months of waiting for a refund, Spicejet has still not paid my refund. Spicejet claims the refund is ‘under process’ and will be ‘at the earliest’. This ‘process’ has so far lasted over 15 months. It seems Spicejet plans to delay payment of the refund indefinitely.
Therefore, Spicejet is in breach of contract and the Supreme Court ruling.
Other messages from Spicejet include the following: On Friday 11th September 2020 Sonam Tomar claimed the refund shall be done in next 20 working days (sic); on Tuesday 24th November 2020 Sonam Tomar claimed error to refund the amount (sic); Wednesday 3rd March 2021 Sonam Tomar claimed Please note we have forwarded the request to the concerned team to refund the amount and it shall be done in upcoming days (sic); Sunday 14th March Sonam Tomar claimed refund is under process and it shall reflect in upcoming days (sic); Wednesday 28th April Guneet Kaor Arora claimed As informed earlier, teh amount shall reflect in 21 days (sic); Monday 17th May 2021 Guneet Kaor Arora claimed Please note we are facing technical glitch hence it is taking longer time than usual (sic); Friday 2nd July 2021 Ruchika Sharma claimed Please be assured that the refund is under process and shall be credited at the earliest (sic).


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