Sree 7 Hills Constructions – Need to Demolition of 60+ years old house

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Posted On: 08/09/2016
Reported By: Sreenath Sree

Contact information: Sree 7 Hills Constructions

The concerned personnel
Ghmc, hyderabad .

I am requesting the concerned authorities to look into the issue of this old building 60 years ago located sec- bad near passport near to Tagro home school Kummerguda area, Address no :- 8-2-428.

please note that under this area most of building Demolition Buy why Ghmc not taking action on this Building it were more than 60 years old and there is a severe water Leaking through the walls in it. The water is coming inside they home but people are staying staying in same house any day and looking at the monsoon we are really concerned that this building may fall off any moment This structure is situated right in the Central of Sec-bad

Note : The owner already given some amount to GHMC People they stop the collapse the Building Why ???

Kindly look into the issue

Waiting for your quick response form Ghmc officers .

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