SRR Builders – Refund of Cancellation Money along with interest

I was dealing with Mr Siva from SRR homes / excel dwellings. After months of follow up, I got my principal amount which was stuck. It was a harrowing experience for sure with bounced cheque and multiple extension of dead lines. However at one point, I was grateful that I got the principal amount. Later I was told by Mr Siva that I would get the interest on my money. Initial discussion went well with the amount being agreed. However now when the payment has come, my harrowing experience has started. Had to wait till year end for money. from year end it turned to financial year end. That has also crossed and I am waiting to hear from him. this is hard earned retirement money of my parents and Mr Siva is playing with their sentiments. I am following up with him every day but with no luck. this is for the Preserve project which was earlier marketed by SRR homes. now they changed to Excell Dwellings. God knows tomorrow what will be the new name.

anybody else having the same problem ?

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  1. Sure Nishu, I am sending them a legal notice followed by an FIR soon, probably in Shillong because it is a pure case of cheating. If they are selling the same project at double cost, then it is a confirmed case of a criminal conspiracy, and least to mention that it is highly unethical and immoral for a real estate firm, but not for ARR Homes. Where is the conscience of Mr. Shiva who gave me personal guarantee to refund my money with interest as per the deed, but even after 3 months or so he is keeping a dead silence. I am willing to join any one/group in this matter so that others are not cheated by SRR Homes/Excel Dwellings.

  2. I am sailing in the same boat. The cheque they gave after a long chase also bounced. Is there a way that we can all unite and go to them for further discussion. They have made every one cancel the project and they are selling it at twice the cost now.

  3. B. B. P. Gupta

    I canceled the booking of SRR Hyde Park Bangalore after approx 4 years, but SRR Homes/Excel Dwellings have not refunded my advance money in several lakhs. I do not finde them trustworthy as they kept cheating me for approx 4 years by false promises for a false project. They are not responding to my e-mails and letters sent by registered post. I am likely to take legal action against them shortly.