SS College Gurgaon – Fraud Education Franchise Provider In Gurgaon

I Got an educational franchise from SS Group Of Colleges in 90, 000. But after sometimes i found that they are totally fraud and making a fool of public. i gave 100 admission of my students to sscollege but they did not provide any type of help regarding them. and give me some candidates printed document. So please do not deal with them. Sunil Valiya, Sapna, Nitu, and Santosh they all are running a fraud company. If Someone is victim of these persons so pls contact me at because i got my money refund after some efforts.

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  1. If it is a fraud company have you registered a police complaint against them(ss college)? or if your students became victims have any of them complained against you or them? please let us know because there are many people who will be dealing with such institutions for their business. just saying fraud and shooing everybody away is not good, please give here proof and be specific when you charge some.this will be of great help to people like us and also SS college will mend its ways.I don’t understand having such a good chance to run business why they do this miss management?and one day land up in trouble.

  2. Just go and meet with Mr. Sunil Waliya.. you will come to know that a person who is not able to tell the spelling of education is running an Institute.

  3. sanjay agrawal

    Rahul Ji, dont Praise Mr Sunil Walia. What Deepak Kumar said it is true. I have proof. As u Mentioned U Met him. I also Met him. any given money to their institute it will never get back. they offer degree. No one completed the course. Check their document . H claim he is the Board member of many university. it is not like. You can contact the Universities with RTI . U will get the answer. they Say They got many complaint from such people.

  4. ss college is a fraud

    if you want current address of ss college and support me in case against ss college in economic offence wing

    please contact me

    abhishek singh 9810437008