Stan Ventures – Just updating all the reviews I found about Stan Ventures

Hi Guys, Just updating all the reviews I found about Stan Ventures for your good. Beware before taking up a job or signing up for a project. (They will rip you off for sure)

From Ripoff Report!

#1 UPDATE Employee

SUBMITTED: Friday, February 07, 2014

Hi guys,

I have worked in many companies so far but never worked in a company like STAN VENTURES. The f ing company

i ever worked so far. Pradeep, Krish and senthil will never have a good death. They and their family will

definitely suffer for this. They have fired 12 employees on one day saying that they have no money to pay the

salary on one night. Many of the employees are suffering without the salary. Even our family are cursing

them. No one has ever got relieved properly from this company. Either they moved without informing them or

got fired. Again pradeep, Krish and Senthil i swear that you and your family will be suffer for this.. Im

writing this with tears on my eyes you will suffer for sure i promise.


Ex employee

#2 UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Customer has been fooled here

AUTHOR: Suresh – ()

SUBMITTED: Friday, February 07, 2014

I am working with Stan Ventures, I dont want to mention my name here, Here in this case customer has been

cheated here. They have over promised him on the sales call. but when he started asking for delivery Stan

showed their real face. we never had any people in the team to deliver things. We have fooled the customer.


i am writing this report because no one should not belive the fraud internet marketing companies my

experience with Stan Ventures is very bad., will explain wat happened with them, I run a supermarket and I

have a online sales portal which enables online orders and customer interface.

I was contacted by a sales manager from Stan Ventures, he called me on Skype and explained his services. I

was searching for such and I was ready or avail their services. He gava me some links which I found all the

clients are fake and they don’t even have proper office and people with them.

i went thru websearches I was not able to find a single feedback on them. I was able to find only from their

websites. Their portfolio is different and their services are different. I’ve paid some 1000$ as thinking

they are genuine. But I’ve lost hope, they are not answering any of my calls.

so I don’t want any one to be cheated in future.

Thanks Ripoff


Jimy Jack Suggest Bio


One of the worst companies to work for and also to outsource your work to. I’ve seen reports from employees

saying so, don’t ever risk your money to this fake company!

Answered in one minute.

No leadership.

No transparency.

No Projects to handle.

This is how they bag projects:

Pay bribe and get a project, if at all any project… (trust me this won’t help you in the long run)

No work-life balance.

No holiday even on national holiday (Where are you located then, US?)

CEO talks rubbish all the time.

You’ll not get relieved… you’ll only get fired! People from Sales, HR, Design team all have been fired for

no reason.

I think it’s time you guys shut shop and go produce a movie. At least you’ll get some returns on that.

They’ll take the shi t out of you even if they don’t have any projects!

Mr. CEO, please stop talking rubbish to freshers and don’t dare to spoil their careers. I know you have money

but please don’t false promise. Try to get some leader on board, anyone can give instructions, but the leader

has to show the team mates how to work on field and get clients without paying bribe.

P.S. – Got affected by choosing to work with them. Freshers especially beware. If you run a business, don’t ever think of signing up with these money suckers. They never deliver because they don’t have the resources. Do your research and go with the best players though they may charge you premium.

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