Stan Ventures – Stan Ventures

No leadership.
No transparency.
No Projects to handle.

This is how they bag projects:
Pay bribe and get a project, if at all any project… (trust me this won’t help you in the long run)
No work-life balance.

No holiday even on national holiday (Where are you located then, US?)

CEO talks rubbish all the time.

You’ll not get relieved… you’ll only get fired! People from Sales, HR, Design team all have been fired for no reason.

I think it’s time you guys shut shop and go produce a movie. At least you’ll get some returns on that.

They’ll take the shit out of you even if they don’t have any projects!

Mr. CEO, please stop talking rubbish to freshers and don’t dare to spoil their careers. I know you have money but please don’t false promise. Try to get some leader on board, anyone can give instructions, but the leader has to show the team mates how to work on field and get clients without paying bribe.

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  1. I have joined this stupid company from a corporate by believing their words, but with in one month they have proved what they are., they try to cheat the clients after getting the business., and they do false promises to clients and people who’s joining them by telling tat we are one the big people in the market and some rubbish abt their own management… The worst CEO I’ve ever experienced with .., now they are asking us to move out of the company… For no reason and they are very proud to open a new office and close within months time… This would have never happened anywhere … The management act and sounds like mad !!! Ppl please don’t believe them ., ur aspirations will be buried and u will be treated like slaves there…

  2. Constient Global solutions is a worst company. They won’t ever pay your salary on time. You will give the salary through installments throughout the month. They never delivered the project to their clients on time. All the clients will shout at them runaway after one project. It’s a very small company without proper management. Don’t fall by Hr’s sweet words. They will fire you whenever they want. Your career will get spoiled if you join here. If you still want to join, join and experience or check with existing employees before joining.

    Hello CEO, Please try to improve your business by focussing only on getting projects.