Street Style Store – They never deliver the product and money is not refunded..Fake products sold


I had placed many oders…last year Aug 2015. but we received the product after 3 months and the product what we ordered was completely different from what we received..The products were like some road side material. But they sell these for thousands…and the slipper which we ordered i think that 100 rupees slipper what we get in the market is 1000 times better than what we have received…They never refund the money. There is no proper customer service whom we can call. They never answer the phone which is updated in the website. Never ever make a mistake of buying anything from this stupid store…you will loose your money. They keep modifying the order which you have placed online. And when you do not receive the product they can easily fool you saying you never placed any order online. If there is anyone who could take action on this store and the company would be really great…

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