Suhit Trading Private Limited – Online Job fraud

Reported By: Moulali Shaik

Contact information:
Suhit Trading Private Limited At post Pimpali, Taluka Baramati, Baramati Pune MH 413102 IN
[email protected]

First I got a message that you are selected for work from home job . Plz go here ( to register an account.
Then I click on the link then it connects to David in india. He told to register for the link, Plz go here ( to register an account.
he shared and asked me recharge 100rs then he connect me to the tutor NeeliMallesham on Telegram App. He give options 100 and so on. I took 100 rs and started doing so 100 recharge and so on till 10000. After that he told to recharge 16000 so on to complete the orders. He told only 8 orders but in that they have added subtasks which kept on repating to first 3 subtaks then later on it went upto 8 tasks under that there were n no sub tasks, after I started so many are adding. I told I am unable pay Rs 67200. I have asked them to unfreez my money and return my money but he didn’t respond initially then he was saying to complete then only i can withdraw money. the amount reached to Rs132089 but he was not allowing me to take my money saying that it is company rules so and so forth. I said i dont want any commision and asked to just return money i paid. but they didnt agree to this, I have taken this job to support my child education. please help to get my money back.He cheated so many members.please take necessary actions that he should not cheat anyone. I am attaching my convesation with David on wats app no 8757859828.

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* Go to page
* Write Suhit Trading Private Limited in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Suhit Trading Private Limited.

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  1. Please help me. This company part time job recharge 100 Rs again repeat repeat recharge 4,50000 Rs my money freeze, totally my family suicide the situation.please help me. Refund my money

    1. I’m also frauded by same what you do
      Pls be strong with yourself
      Please don’t think about anything like sucides


    Company Legal Name
    ROC Code
    Company No.
    Company Category
    Company limited by Shares
    Company Legal Name
    Stock Symbol
    BSE : 539400
    ROC Code
    Company No.
    Company Category
    Company limited by Shares
    Malcom mentor said to me this company was PARTNERSHIP COMPANY

    I got a link called Jimmy from my WhatsApp number 8941958834, asked for a part time job, asked for my name, asked for a job, asked if I was unemployed, DSc teacher asked if I was preparing for a job, and then coded my 019177 from my 136509 invitation code. Done, I said it was a part time job, I thought of data entry, then the website gave me a link and then Malcolm Mall Customer Service Telegram linked to, Malcolm Mall Customer Linked to service mall mentor, both Malcolm Mall Customer Service and Mall Mentor asked me the same questions and tasks as Jimmy I said. I first got 100 recharge commission 128, then 500 recharge commission got 250, 1000 recharge commission got 350 commission, Mal Mentor posted this profile, 1. 【500Rs task】 Recharge 500, earn ₹ 210, withdraw approximately ₹ 710
    2. రూ 1500 Task】 Recharge ₹ 1500, Earn ₹ 1000, Withdraw Almost ₹ 2500
    3. రూ 3000 Task Recharge ₹ 3000, Earn ₹ 2000, Withdraw Almost ₹ 5000
    4. 【5000Rs Task Recharge ₹ 5000, Earn ₹ 3500, Withdraw Almost 500 8500
    5. రూ 10000 Rs Task】 Recharge ₹ 10000, Earn ₹ 8000, Withdraw Almost ₹ 18000
    6. 【30000Rs Task Recharge ₹ 30000, Earn ₹ 25000, Withdraw Almost ₹ 55000
    7. 【50000Rs Task Recharge ₹ 50000, Earn ₹ 40000, Withdraw Almost ₹ 90000
    Now please choose to complete these 4 tasks according to the actual situation. The Personnel Department will approve your employment application and refund your income immediately on that day. Regular employees are sent more than 5000 commissions to your account every day and you can repeat the same until now 1500 recharged but put more products in it and it says to finish. I spent Rs. 40349 borrowed, I finished, but they want to finish another task again, I said no money but they did not listen I wanted to finish but I did not hear but I kept asking them in the telegram now they did not answer, call 8941958834 but did not recharge Comes. Friends Please work online Even if there is a WhatsApp link at home I will not join the job online, Do not do such things, I am very sad, You give me a suicidal situation, Play with our lives Please give me investment money and commission money.

  3. Please help me. This company part time job recharge 100 Rs again repeat recharge 68000 Rs my money freeze, totally I’m in suicidal situation. Please help me. Refund my money

  4. Thank god i saved…. I search on google about the company then i saw this complaint 🙄 thanks to the complainter too. 🙏