SUHIT Trading Pte Ltd(CIN) – Fraud company

Reported By: Sk Zishan

Contact information:
SUHIT Trading Pte Ltd(CIN) Founded on December 13, 1983, headquartered in:EN-12, District 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata , with over 1000,000 active members

This company is fraud I have pay 1700 rupees but not withdrawal my money my account is froze the company is fraud please legal action this company please refund my money.

How to file a complaint against SUHIT Trading Pte Ltd(CIN)?

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* Write SUHIT Trading Pte Ltd(CIN) in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from SUHIT Trading Pte Ltd(CIN).

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  1. SUHIT TRADING PVT LTD KOLKATA is a fraud company who are making fool of everyone by sending emails for part time job to earn handsome commission, but as you join them they will start to cheat you by insisting you to recharge for competing the task, this company has hired a fraud no one who they call as mall tutor and you will find that fraud at telegram app, that fraud mall tutor is a master in cheating, they have cheated me and taken more than Rs 21000/- by me and now they are not returning my amount, I have requested countless times to return my principal amount but they didn’t returned me a single pie. I urge you all that do not believe in them as they are cheaters and their main purpose is to making fool of everyone who believes them. I request that if anyone has the power to stop them from cheating and please try to convince them to return my principal amount only, I don’t need their commission.