Suparas Homz – Extending delivery for next Six month

I am facing same problem with them, every time they are extending delivery for next Six month.
now they are promissing that the delivery will be in Dec-2015.
but I don’t believe them.
in provisional contract they mentioned that “if they could’t not deliver the plot within 24 Month they will return Money with 12% Interest ”
but they are counting it from date of provisional contract.
My contact no is : 9650982121
if anybody have latest information about this project, Please share.

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  1. Plot booked in Tijara/ Supars Sight/ The Mahavir Jain City
    Commited to give the possession in march 2015
    Mr. Shyam Sharma has deny to refund the money.
    also thay have not done any thing on the sight.
    Big Problem/ Hard core money/ What to do
    No one is responding trom there side.

    Kamal Chopra
    [email protected]

  2. Hi I am Kamal Chopra, I had also booked a plot in 2013, I was committed to hand over the plot/possession in march 2015. But Neither money not plot has been given.

    I this we should communicate with each other and face collectively ag. this problem of Suparas Homz Pvt. Ltd..
    M l9971623700
    [email protected]

  3. I booked plot in Paras city home Sec 39B Bhiwadi.
    three years completed now and builder is neither giving possession nor returning Money.
    they are simply saying that they don’t have money and they will not refund it.

    I have request to all the members who booked plot in sec-39B, please meet one place and take action together against this fraud builder.
    Without taking any strong action this company will not refund our money.
    please share your contact numbers.