Suparas Homz – suparas aerostate plot – builder not returnin money

I have booked 150sqyard plot with suparas aerostate in buyback sceme.I paid 50% payment after 1year builder supose to pay me back with 20% return.I have trusted the builder and converted it to dlp plan. But when I visited to project place I found farmers are doing farming on that land and there was no construction at all. I speek to farmers they said builder was having lease agreement to by there land but it was not renued.builder have not aucupied full land they have smal part of that land only .now I have stuck builder is not returning money and I am to give interest on loan which I have taken to pay 50% amount.I have speek to builder they said they are going to start work on jun 15 and asking for rest of the money but no work started yet. If some one wants to file a case against them please mail me at [email protected]

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  1. Pavan Ji pls share your contact number.I also come in same category. Booked a plot at Suparas Home but No response from Builder end.