Suparas Homz – Suparas “The Grove” project : Not returning money

I had booked a plot in Suparas “Grove” project in Bhiwadi under buy back scheme. However, now they are not returning the money. I think there are more people like me and if we all get together, we stand a fair chance to fight out our case. My email id is [email protected]

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  1. Hi Must, This is Ashish as you I have also invested in the same project but till date no possession and not even my money had been given back. You are right we should all file the case and FIR together against SUPARAS only than something can be done please share or call me on 9818222783 for further action!

  2. Anyone can please tell where have you file the case against SUPARAS as I also want to file the case against him in the group of all. Please share they have not returned my money for last seven years and not even given my money please share or contact on my number 9818222783.

      1. Hi Dinesh
        is 88262 98015 your contact number? i am also looking to join the group to take legal action against Suparas. Please advise. my contact no. is 9818640937.