Svarna Infrastructure & Builders Pvt Ltd – Unlawful claim of interset for delayed payment of Rs 85000

We have booked a flat at Rishi Ecoview by Svarna Infrastructure & Builders Pvt Ltd and applied for HBL from LICHFL which was sanctioned by 45 days. The all outstanding have been cleared including future installments, They told me that all my payments have been made and no further claim will be made from their end. But they sent me a demand letter invoice no 1140; customer ref no 130, regarding falt 1A, Block 3, Oak- Rishi Ecoview, two weeks back with following demands: 1. Interest on delayed payments (A) = INR 85, 515.90. 2. PS amount (B) = INR 17687.80 3. Service Tax (C) = INR 12, 286.28 As per discussion with them over phone they told me the clause A (interest on delayed payment) is not my responsibility as the delay was caused by processing delay of the loan sanctioning authority LICHFL. Moreover We have made a lateral entry and completed the entire payment within 45 days of the allotment of the flat. Moreover I have made advance payment before the stipulated time which proves our credentials.I have heard that they makes such unlawful, unethical demands from other parties also. They are not accessible over phone and several times I requested them to make an appointment with their higher officials which they have declined. Please take strong steps so that they stop claiming such unlawful claim of interests of Rs 85000 despite we have made entire payment within 45 days of booking of flats. yours truly Dr Ranjan & Dr Sumita Bhattacharyya 29, Anandasree, Garia, Near Boral TB Hospital, Kolkata-700084. Mob:9433053389/9475556500.

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