SVS info solutions & sree sai info solutions – salary not paid

Dear sir/madam, I worked in SVS info Solutions Ltd., (kiran..9603226832, vikranth 9618832884) Hyderabad for 5 months (Mar-2013 to July-2013). Company has separated, Our salaries are pending for last 3 months i.e May to july.. now when we are demanding for our pending salaries, no one is replying. I am in financial crisis and i requested at every level but they are not responding now.They cheated me and other colleagues and now doing harashment by holding this much big amount(30000), I am very much depressed and not getting any solution. Please do the needfull.

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  1. Not only you all.
    I am your client paid the advance in for SMS service. Now he says that the company is close and he cannot do any thing. This is 100% cheating..