I have booked a plot under CB/HAMIRPUR/027/037 in Hamirpur (HP) District Through SWO organization Delhi scheme in above said project in year 2013, and days after day and months after months I was getting assurance of getting registration of the said plot from the office and Mr. On Prakash Project manger, Mr.Dilip Kumar but the day and month never came. I put everything I had and took loan to pay the installments in a very short given time. A sum of rupee 10.5 lac approximately was spent only to fulfill life long dreams of myself and the family which I love most. There was a belief in me that nothing can go wrong with our feeling as our brothers are willing to do something good for the fatenity and it was quite visible from their advertisements. Although many loved one cautioned me regarding the sentity of the organization but I was sure there won’t be any mall practice. I had sent many mails but didn’t get reply. Now all my family members and myself are in state of complete distress, disbelief and in a great shock. Now as the news in social media and the arrest of chairman cum MD Rakesh Rana suggest that some thing is fishy, so I request you to refund my money along with interest. You have shattered our dreams and cheated us on the name Saniks, If still any thing left within you please come back and reply the post.
Thanking you


Ajay Kumar Sharma

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