SyberPlace E Solutions – NON DELIVERY OF PRODUCT

This is Ankit here ordered an Iphone 5s 16 GB from, of Rs. 19999.00, on 25 March 2016 by online payment . The order was confirmed and the Order ID is 100065473. They promised me to deliver the product within 8-13 working days. When I checked the status on their website ( it states that the order is confirmed and it was last updated on 26th March 2016. So to know the current status I tried to call them many times but no one picked the call and I didn’t get any revert call as promised me by IVR.
I also tried to reach their Facebook page and even messaged them about the status of my product on 27 March 2016 but no reply came.

Even no response from their customer care team nor sales team..

I kept calling them but no answer and even I had mailed them twice but no reply….

This is a big fraud running..

Mail at

1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]

My contact details are

Mob- 8400028179

Email- [email protected]

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  1. this is weast web site….every web site is user friendly but fithoor. Com is not user friendly..kanisam book chysakaa delivery ani roju lu Ido kuda chyputala. .vochido rado kuda teliyadu.minimum information kuda maintain chyyatallla ..web site vallu..e web site ni ban chyyandi

  2. My order no is 31024..
    Nenu book chysi1 week avutundiii. Epatidaka naku conformation msg vochindi.taruvata naku alanti and ledu…EDI fake web site..customers ki minimum information kuda evadam ledu….che che..