– Frozen money from

Reported By: Reshma Contact information: https:// I was first contacted from a number 9376328213 and asked to reister using the link and do some item grabing from some mall. First two time I received money. Then done with high amounts and then the amount was frozen.Started with an amount of 3000 and invested … – Frozen money from Read More » – Fraudulent in the name of Amazon shopping

Reported By: Ahna Contact information: https:// Gaurav kohli using I’d on telegram@Amazon603,doing fraud .taking their money on the name of Amazon and freezing their amount on their so called fraud website,which keeps on changing.they are taking money in their Paytm account by Dinesh enterprises. —————————————————- How to file a complaint against https:// * … – Fraudulent in the name of Amazon shopping Read More »

F kmall – They freeze my 59000 rupees

Reported By: Mariyammathu Arshana sp Contact information: F kmall Maharashtra https:// The F kmall cheated me they freeze my 59000 rupees. I invest 17000 rupees after i paid that amount,he tells that 13000 again invest for complete the task. I have no money for investing please help me get my cash back.i want only …

F kmall – They freeze my 59000 rupees Read More » – Financial fraud

Reported By: Sreenu Contact information: Telegram channel name(gaurav kohli) First they sent message via SMS and whatsApp (in Feb 2022) and asked to register to and asked to purchase items for commission and later froze all my money and the site was blocked and when I contacted later they asked to login to … – Financial fraud Read More »

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