Tata Investment Company – Demanding more money by the company to withdraw my funds

Reported By: Athira

Contact information:
+63 928 969 9213
Tata Investment Company Mumbai

I invested ₹6000 last month in Tata Investment Company. Now the total fund is 22000 above. Earlier the company asked me to deposit ₹3000 to withdraw my money. I paid 3000.
Then they gave me a promo offer ie.., if I pay ₹1000 they will give me 2000. When I made top up of ₹1000 they recharged 2000 into my account. Then they refused all my withdrawals and account frozen. Then they asked ₹3000 in order to keep my account from deletion. When I refused that they asked me to pay atleast ₹2000 to activate my account. Also my accounts manager Cindy Harris said me that if I pay ₹ 2000 I can withdraw whole my funds that day itself. Also they sent me a notice mentioned about deletion of my account in case of not deposit money. Then I paid ₹ 2000 and they gave me ₹5000 as promo.
But they refused my fund’s withdrawal and Cassandra, the bank manager of Tata Investment Company demanded me rs.4000 to withdraw my fund. I refused that. So they provide me their Head Officer’s watsapp link. But he didn’t reply anything to me. Also Tata Investment Company’s customer care is not effective. I send an email about my grievances to the emai they provided. But there is no reply. Also Accounts manager and Bank Manager of the company is not responding in watsapp. The company’s activities are totally suspicious and fraudulent. Please take action against Tata Investment Company.
The files are phone numbers and display picture of Accounts manager and bank manager of Tata Investment Company.

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* Go to page
* Write Tata Investment Company in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Tata Investment Company.

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