WE HAD PURCHASED ONLINE New Haven Compact Ahmedabad 1BHK FROM SNAPDEAL ONLINE ORDER NO. 2708019164 DATED 28.08.2014

The listing on SNAPDEAL SITE for above product is incomplete and TATA people have hidden important facts to sell the property which you can even check till date(on the product listed on snapdeal)No Physical inspection of the site/property was carried out by us. We relied on the brand and goodwill of TATA AND SNAPDEAL

The aforementioned site and project are suffering from the following defects:-

First and foremost the site is not placed at Ahmedabad. It is on the outskirts of Ahmedabad District, off the SG Highway and in fact it is based in Gandhi Nagar district. Nowhere in your product brochure, they have mentioned that the property is based in Gandhi Nagar

On our site visit by us on 27th September, we were utterly disappointed with the site projections and details mentioned on the website. The information provided by you is misleading and incomplete.
The following facts have been misreported by you:

The property is based in Gandhi Nagar and not Ahmedabad as stated everywhere in your brochure and Snap Deal.com.Prices of property in AHMEDABAD AND GANDHINAGAR are different. We have purchased the property for our personal use .But the site is very far from city and is for investment purpose only with time horizon of minimum 4-5 years(as told by TATA team)

We are being asked to pay almost 80% of the total consideration by November’2014 with no basic amenities as mentioned above, no water supply, no roads, undeveloped site. In the listing on SNAPDEAL Payment cycle was different based on CONSTRUCTION(20%+20%+20%+20%+15%+5%)Nowhere it was mentioned that flats are completed and we need to make around 80% payment in next 6 months despite site in undercontructed with no amenities till date(not even a sample flat, no roads, no street light)

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