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I contacted them online for Australi immigration for HR Professional and in 2 days I got a call from Ayush. He told me that they have placed a lot of HRs is Australia. Now HR is not in SOL so I became suspicious. He started talikng about Data Prevention Act and the reasons why he cannot share any client’s profile. I being from a security industry myself cross questioned him about Freedom Of Information Act to which he didn’t give me a satisfactory reply.
He sounded overpolished to be true. Finally I asked him about MARA Number to which he said he cannot share that number with me over the phone but I can check it in their website. I checked in their website, there was no MARA number anywhere.
He called me again the next day and when I asked him again about MARA number, he said he will call me in 5 minutes and give me. He never called me then :).
Friends, please check for MARA number in Immigration’s Public Register. It is your right to know MARA number. If you get one, check if MARA number is associated with the same company or not. Do not fall in trap. I am yet to find a genuine consultant agency who provide job as well. These consultants look genuine. Its very important to be patient and test them in every possible way.
If anyone knows about genuine consultant drop me an an email on [email protected]


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