Techshore – cheating

My name is Abhilash .A. I have completed my btech. One day I received a phone call from an institution named TECHSHORE, which is situated in Kochi. They said me that it was an engineering based institution which has got many branches in places like Patanamtthitta, Mannar, Calicut etc. They mentioned several courses like diploma in oil and gas, QA/QC etc. I went to their office one day. They persuaded me to join the course named diploma in Oil and gas by saying that he would provide me with internationally valued certificates. I paid an amount of Rupees 1 Lakh as the course fee and started attending the classes. After a few days while going to the class, I happened to see a dispute between the management of the institution and some guys who studied there in the early batches. When I enquired about it I came to know that the guys were persuaded to join there by telling that they would get certificates which are internationally acclaimed but they were fooled by giving simply a training certificate which have got no value and didn’t get any placements as promised by them. They also showed me the certificates and I knew they were telling the truth. After knowing that I contacted the Office and said that I would like to discontinue the course and I need my money back since they would cheat me also. The staffs in the Office started arguing with me and started a dispute with me like the other day I saw. They harassed and threatened me. Now its high time that I think everyone should know about their cheating since they are canvasing my juniors itself. So,its my valuable request that please do not fall into such cheating done by the institutions like TECHSHORE

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