Telecure – Defrauded me.

About 10 days back, I got a call from 1148125000.
The caller mentioned that he was calling from TELECURE, New Delhi.
He mentioned that my Mobile phone No has won a PANASONIC P31 SMARTPHONE mobile with accessories worth 15000.
He further mentioned that the product would be delivered within 10 days by post and that I would have to pay Postal charges of Rs.3000.00 and receive the parcel.
The next day I again got a call fromthe same person confirming the same.On 11/06/2014 I received the parcel paying the said Rs.3000/-.
But on opening I found that there were some figurettes of Deities only.

*please help me to refund my money from “TELECURE”

HELP ME ! ! !

mail I.D : [email protected]

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  1. Hello guys be aware of telecure cheating. The company will call and tell that your mobile number has won iphone 5s, samsung etc… so that you have to pay 3000 or 5000 for transport charges.. Please aware of that and just cut the call.. No one in the world will give you iphone or such a costly phone at a price of 3000 or 5000.. I had a same call few days back after that i search the name telecure delhi, google shows me about the cheating company,many people are affected by this company..And i parcel also received but postman was my relative so i jst take a photo of address and return,i wont pay money.