Teleshoping / 09220000033 / 09220000012 – Incomplete supply of product DrActiv

I purchased Dr. Activ and I was told that I would be given cells together with the product, but when I opened the product I did not find cells and when I asked the distributer he told that this is a small thing and you can buy from any shop and customer care is saying the same thing. Today I called them up for batteries, they say that you buy from any shop and they will not provide any cell and do what you want. This is not a matter of cell of 50 Rs., but its cheating and a case of fraud by the company.
I called up the distributer Sumer Singh ( Mob No. 09911952777 ), he says that he will not come to give only cells, you buy from market.
Again its not a matter of few rupees, its a matter of fraud and cheat by the company.
If they cheat in every supply, one can imagine how big is the scam.

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