Praful Kumar Ghanate is a Cheat

Hi I am Suman Kukunoor, Praful Kumar Ghanathe is a cheat he took 100000 from me for admission in engineering college and never returned back. I want police to take strong action against Praful Ghanate.

This cheat us in Hyderabad and doing fraud with students. In the past he had told my friends that he works for ICFAI and has good political connection. He also runs a Blackmailing racket.

I want strong action to be taken against such Cheat.

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  1. Hi I was sheena wariar, regional manager of Edulive. AS FAR AS I KNOW . ALL STAFF SALARY HAS BEEN PAID IN CHENNAI AND PUNE OFFICE. It’s with deep shame and shocking news that Praful Ghanate is blackmailing owner of Edulive like this. And writing such negative comments. I strongly protest such coments. STRONG ACTION SHOULD BE TAKEN AGAINST PRAFUL GHANATE.