Teresa MoTBhoj Puppets – Fraud. False advertising. FAKE. FAKE. TROLL ALERT.

Reported By: AMANDA

Contact information:
Teresa MoTBhoj Puppets Clermont

Owner Teresa Bhoj stalks neighbors and is violent. See The Citizens for a Better Bolingbrook Facebook Page. Be aware, the intent is clear on there. Bhoj is mentally unwell.

Teresa Bhoj and Mo Bhoj are accused of forcing many people to leave Verde Ridge.

She stole docs from the HOA to be able to stalk and harass members.

She assaulted a 72 year old man who lived across the street from her.

She stalked a minor, neighbors, and lied to stay unjailed.

Always trying to hustle scams for a buck. She is a fraud and always in revenge mode once awake.

Dangerous. Do not approach. Leader of Clermont FL #SEj_HATE Group

#Marie Management


How to file a complaint against Teresa MoTBhoj Puppets?

* Go to page
* Write Teresa MoTBhoj Puppets in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Teresa MoTBhoj Puppets.

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  1. Dear Bonnie,
    We know you miss your friend Amanda. You broke the friendship with Amanda years ago. You humiliated her and her family is front of every residents of her community. You lied about her to your own HOA. Yet you still use her name…
    Think twice, you slandered her about her bankruptcy when she was going through some tough times. And look “KARAMA” has turned in full force. What is it now, your 4th BK filing and you are only 50.
    These complaints you write are very disturbing, are you ok? Do you need some help? We hope you are not calling the police again and threatening to eat bullets. We are not sure why you keep attacking this Bhoj person. Can’t seem to find anything on her other than your cancerous rants. If you leave people alone and quit writing baseless claims, with no backup, it is just hearsay. Do you think they will leave you alone, we say yes they will. But as long as you continue to spew hatred, demonizing, slandering, things will continue.
    You are about to loose your home, your vehicle, etc. keep on lying. This judge seems to have you figured out. We can always put more proof of truth up. So please, for your own sanity, stop with the lies. You have now brought people into a situation that knew nothing about what you are currently doing. Well now they know. So keep adding names of people you have wronged. Maybe grow up and place house with your new minor children, and your current college student. Again these are all claims made by you in public documents.
    The persons you continue to try and get to play your games. It is not working.