Tex556.com – FRAUD Agg global club and CID INVESTMENT ADVISOR (HK) Ltd

Reported By: Rishita

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Hi this is Rishita. In the month July 22 I received on what’s up the link and provide all the trade details. After I reply they provide me www.agg-global club web add and said to join with investment on 500 USDT. They train me how to add fund from Binance to them portal. After son days they told increased the investment for routine trade going smoothly. So I add fund and make investment 3000usdt. They have what’s up group. After some time they told me to invest 5000usdt to trade with mr David analyst group.

I do all the process investment and start trading they said the period for trade is one week from Monday to Saturday and after Saturday they will calculate the profit on the profit we have to pay 30% commission. Without pay commission will not able to withdraw the fund from them. In means time they change their portal from www.agg-global club to www.tex556.com.

I arranged that such amt of commission 8300USDT ANa paid to them after that they demanded 7200 Usdt against 20% tax. When I was refused they said if I will not pay tax amt then not able to withdraw the fund.
Now till date I lost my 16000USDT and I m on depression feel to do sucide.
When I was asking about company details they provide me web site name add.
The address on the website; 02-04, 26/F, 1 Garden Road, Central, Western, Hong Kong. This is the head office.

Beneficiary : CID Investment Advisors (HK)LTD
Address : 2806-2808, 28th Floor, No. 8 Financial Street, Hong Kong This is the audit department that collects commissions and taxes.

Please help me to my money get it back.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Tex556.com.

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  1. Mine 1.6L$ in TEX account. they are not accepting withdrawal. till now i paid 27500$ as commissions. Still they are asking 10k$ to deposit TEX account as hongkong money laundering act so I contact octa fex recovery company via telegram:@octafexrecoveryexpert they help me recover my money and also give me good tips on how to get a good investment platform. Stay away from TEX556.com

  2. Hello everyone Same of me tex556.com is scam me to my profit 30% commision pay first an then no money I had ask ***** for recovery help on telegram and they help me get my money back and they also give me advice on how to invest and trade