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Read it before you invest in tgs. They are the real cheaters…. Never invest in tgs, dreamz and gk properties. They are scam, fake and cheating companies.

Here is complete story and real face of tgs. Don’t believe positive reviews and comments about tgs online because they were written by tgs team. Also, don’t refer property scam site for reviews……. Because all reviews are positive and its smelling fishy….
Fyi: tgs, dreamz and gk properties these all are belongs to one md. They can’t cheat people with dreamz company alone so they started gk and tgs. Their target is middle class people and it professionals in bangalore. They play with our feelings and emotions. People are investing in tgs by taking loans in market and by selling their gold ornaments to have their dream house but they never satisfy customers and they will never keep their promises.
I booked a flat in a tgs project and then i cancelled it as there was no development and progress in this project even after 1 year but while booking flat they told us that they will start the construction in couple of months.
While booking they offered me modular kitchen, wardrobes in 2 bed rooms and free car parking and a coupon of rs 25, 000.00. And they told me that i have choice to provide my own plan during construction and they will alter the house as per customer’s plan.
Initially i have made 1 lakh rs down payment to get site documents (They refused to provide documents before booking for verification) and after that i have made total 30 % down payment. After i booked, even my friends and relatives booked in the same project. For referring them they had given me rs. 51, 000 coupon for each flat. They knew that they will never construct even single building so only they offered referral coupons and modular kitchen and free car parking.
While showing the site, they said that site is of xxxxx sq. Ft. But in mou agreement copy they mentioned only xxxx sq. Ft. After booking we waited for almost one year to see the construction.
When we verified the documents it was transparent and all documents were belongs to one land owner and tgs people have given half of the land cost to owner but we didn’t notice that site was into allegation. Land was never bought by tgs and they always choose sites which are in allegation or sites for which documents are not at all clear. Once people book flats and after a year they will say that they couldn’t construct building in site due to some reason and they will ask customers to swap the flats in other projects or they will suggest to book flats in ready to move in projects. Once customers swap the projects then again they have to wait for couple of years to see the constructions. They asked us to swap the projects and hand over the existing mou to them for issuing new mou in new project but as per new mou again we had to wait for few years.
Till now they started many projects but they built only one building in ec (Need to cross toll gate which means that it’s located out of the bangalore). To build this they took 3-4 years of time. Built quality is neither good nor bad. It was constructed by local tgs engineers with low quality materials. Out of 40 flats in ec ready to move in project only 12 were booked in last 6 months. This means that people lost hopes in tgs and they never truest them again.

This building might have constructed in 60:40 concepts (I am not sure but i heard this from few people). Development was done by tgs and property is in owner’s name itself. I have heard that sometimes owner refuses to sign for your documents even after paying full amount to tgs at that time definitely you need to give at least rs. 2 lakh to land owner to get the signature and other documents.
After booking whenever we called them they never responded properly. They have communication gaps within teams and they can’t build good customer relationships. All crms are useless and they always argue with customers. Tgs smartly nominates new crms for each projects periodically so that whenever customers calls them and asks for any info then they will say that, they are new to this position and they will check and get back to you. But they will never call customers and update the information.
It is common sense that, whenever a new crm assigned to a project then he/she should communicate to customers saying that they are handling the project and they should ask us to call to their number for any info but it never happened in tgs. No matter how many number of mails you send to them or how many times you call them they will never reply. Crm will say that he/she was in a meeting so they couldn’t pick the call. They don’t have professionalism at all.
Tgs mous are always in their favour. Even if you approach court then case won’t stand at all as land is not in tgs name and they don’t have any rights on land and all terms and conditions are in favour of them.
For cancellation, you need to wait for 75 days in total and 20 working days to get post-dated check. There is no guarantee that your money will be credited to your account when you deposit check because many checks are bounced till now. After cancelling your flat you need to wait at least 6 months to get your money back. Every time checks will be bounced and they will never maintain account balance. If you use your credit card/debit card then you need to approach respective bank and get the transaction statement for verification during cancellation.
We don’t know when they will run away with our money so better cancel your investments soon and get your money back with interest.
Please pass this story to people who have booked/invested money in tgs fraud company.
If you want to have a look at tgs bills payment recipts/mou/agreement copy/cancellation forms then reach me at chaddidost4u[at]gmail

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