This is a Fake Fraud Placement Consulting Organization. Santhosh Janardhanan the owner is an ir-responsible Director. Collects Rs.100/- per candidate per registration and has his Food peacefully. People who go to him for jobs by paying money are in pieces. Even after months of registration there is no call from this organization. On top of it he has several options where he promises job only if paid. There are people who have paid and have not got jobs. He also collects advances from companies and do not deliver candidates. Salaries are not paid on time. He always has a backlog. Thick skinned person. Expects people to be punctual, FOCUS on work and there is no FOCUS on WORKERS WORKING THERE. IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER SEEKING CANDIDATES FROM THIS ORGANIZATION, PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH. IF YOU ARE A CANDIDATE SEEKING JOB BASED ON A CALL FROM THIS COMPANY, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE RS.100/-. IT IS OF NO USE

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