The Ministry of Railways – Complaint against services in AC chair car of TRAIN no 12822 DHAULI Express

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Reported By: Soumya Ghosh

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The Ministry of Railways

On 23rd October 2017 we were travelling from Puri to Howrah in AC chair car of TRAIN no 12822 DHAULI Express. From Khurda Road, the air-conditioning system was not working. We complained to Mr. P. K. Das, the HD TTE of our coach C2 at Bhubaneswar station itself to resolve the issue. A/C Coach-C2 was completely suffocating, since there were neither any fan, light or air-conditioning system in operation. We all felt sick and dizzy owing to the suffocating atmosphere within our coach. When all the passengers complained to the said TTE, he took it very casually and did not pay any heed to the passengers’ complaint. The most dangerous part was the non-functioning of the alarm chains throughout the coach, which could have been very fatal in case of any dire emergency while the train was in motion.

Finally all the passengers got off the train at the Cuttack station and approached the guard for his help. A formal complaint was also lodged and docketed at Cuttack railway station. After much protest from all the passengers in the said coach, a make-shift arrangement was made to share the power from the adjoining coach C1, yet the whole journey was very uncomfortable and sickening.

The said TTE had even allowed the passengers from the adjoining sleeper coaches to board and stay put on the vestibule and near the toilet of the A/c chair car, making the whole area very clumsy and inappropriate to move. It was a terrible bitter experience, which even got reported not only in the social media by few of the co-passengers but also covered by some of the leading Bengali newspapers and channels.

It is now earnestly requested to please look into the matter the following action be taken at the earliest, with intimation to the undersigned:-

1) Stringent action may please be taken against Mr. P. K. Das, the HD TTE of coach C2 (Train No & Name: 12822/DHAULI EXP), for his utter negligence in carrying his normal duties diligently and continuously showing careless attitude towards passengers’ complaints. He was least bothered about the passengers’ sufferings, such that the passengers had to get down at Cuttack station and raise an alarm for the necessary corrective action to be taken.

2) As compensation to the continuous woes and agonies faced throughout the journey in the above-mentioned coach, a full refund of the entire amount against the ticket cost of the said journey may please be made immediately along with the adequate compensation.

Thanks and Regards
Soumya Ghosh

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