This company is money fraud only i have done so much searches after i got started calls from this fake organisation. The main points which made me to think

1) they wants money like 12000$ USD for a job and H1B visa, so first of all my frnds remember US govt have rules that no one can ask money for offering a job!!!

2) the job is finalised only on telephonic interview of just 10 minutes and even freshers. REMEMBER: H1B is only visa for the skilled and experience personales only.

3) they dont give any of the referance of sucessfully placed employers by them in the USA nor any of them are seen on any face to face meetings.

4) on my office visit ( YES THIS IS A WHITE COLLAR CRIME SO THEY HAVE PHYSICAL OFFICE AS WELL ) they will show you the visa stamps on the different passport. BUT unfortunately I foun none of the visa Obtainers belonging from youngsters and some professionals . all pictures were looks like EDITED HANDJOB of computer prints of visa.

5) If you will ask for the written or anything documentation from them they will turn things on otherway. 6) they have compneydivided into two names A) THE VERITAS CAREER CONSULTANCY for india and B) THE VERITAS HEALTHCARE FOR THE usa ( NOW MY FRNDS CHECK THIS THING IF THEY R RUNNING A BIG FIRM IN USA THEN WHY THEY R RECRITING ONLY INDIAN FROM INDIA AND WHY THEY HAVE SPLITTED THE HR DEPT ON OTHER NAME????? COZ IF THEY EAT MONEY IN INDIA NO ONE CAN SUE THEM IN TO USA… right those basterds are so smart.. and finally

now i want you to give some web links of the some victims of this ORGANISED WHITE COLLAR CRIME.






MY FRNDS THERE IS ONLY H1B visa IF YOU R ALREADY WORKING WITH SOME REPUTED FIRMS OR FORTUNE 100 COMPANY. AND THEY ONLY OFFERS H1B FOR THEIR SKILLED EMPLOYERS.. so dont go for this short cuts coz they are only made for your POCKET CUTS. this peoples are unaware of what they are truly doing.. even they are putting their employers and office staff as a legal face of crime. it could be so risky for even working in their office i hope their office staff could understand this thing. They are being used for the crime even if they r unaware.

Fnds lets make no one A VICTIM OF THIS FRAUDLANT WHITE COLLAR CRIME>>>>>>> SPREAD THIS MASSAGE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND SAVE YOUR FRANDS AND RELATIVES this PROTEST many be helpful to save our neighbourhood and a big lesson for this fraud people. THANK YOU ALL SUPPORTERS>>> i know this world is still filled of good people and HUMANITY


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  1. I also got similar phone for job in USA from one lady (Ahmedabad office) . But this type of fraud are very easy to capture as nobody will send you in 12 to 15000 rupees. to USA . But such companies should be definitely sue.