The way REGUS doing business

A business is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers or to other businesses. However, what will convince a consumer spending their money on your product? The answer will be TRUST. REGUS is the company I trusted when I just came to the U.S. As a foreigner, I choose to trust what REHUS’s agent had told me about their product and I signed contract with them. Things change afterward; I cannot get my deposit back after returned the office I rent. It is an unethical behavior when doing business, especially for big company like REGUS. I am furious because when I signing the lease with our agent, he told me I can move out anytime, but I have to let them know 3 month earlier. I did so. I let them know three month earlier and they approves it. But thing end up with no deposit back and they said I am not qualify with their deposit return clause. What their agent sales and what their contract says are totally different; This is what I learned from REGUS, Stay away from REGUS as soon as you smell it ~~~

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