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I got a call from that i have been selected to order a product and get a welcome gift with it after online payment was made i will get a call .but i did not get any call from them ..the person who called has also switched off his number 9355111872 and my order is also cancelled on the site please i want my money back me! thank you

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  1. Thank you

    Actually i got a call form this site.I have been selected to order a product and get a gift with it after online payment.They offer me three gifts LED TV,IPHONE X and DELL LAPTOP then I selected IPHONE X for my self and after five days i got my product and gift too. and i was so happy to been a part of this site thank u soo much to selected me.

    1. Can u give ur mail Id , I have also recieved the same call , paid the money along with gst rs 7000. Later they given excuses that my product and price (iPhonex) is damaged and ask me to get the price money equal to same amount. Later they ask me to pay 60000 to activate some bank codes so that I could get my account activated to receive the cash prize. I have paid almost 67k. But now they are not crediting the even my paid amount and leave about the price money.
      Is anyone witness the same situation then mail me
      These frauds need to be punished.

  2. I have a question. Is this really true? How can they select selected people and not advertise on their website?

  3. The company i received a call from is buy4house.. the similar situation was told to me.. i chose an iphone x. a link was sent to pay gst .. when i checked it shows the account of theehomeshop itself.. and the numbers are similar all start with 9355. if i receive anything i wil update here

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