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Reported By: Rizwan

Contact information: Bangalore

I ordered shirts in when it delivered it is not the item which shown in app i called this number 6294226189 for return which i found in google search when i called him he said as per policy to return your amount we required this details, mobile no. last 4 digits + UPI pin calculate that and tell me the no. when i said he said it is wrong and call got disconnected after few minutes i got a message that 4000 was debited from your account. There is no transaction in my google pay , phone pay , paytm but amount was debited from my account. When i called SBI customer care they said this is UPI payment we cannot help in UPI payments. So finally i came to know that this site is fraud and fake so please dont go for it and help me guys to refund my amount that 1099 + 4000 = 5099 rupees.

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    This company sent me three torn, used and entirely different coloured shirts in lieue of order # TLMC38376 today and when contacted the customer care phone as mentioned on the address e.g. 8447215464, the answer is either ‘switched off’ or ‘busy’. I have sent two mails in this connection and awaiting their response. Prima facie, on the perusal of the terms and conditions, they do not have the reverse delivery system which raises doubts of its being fake and fraudulent. Within a period of one week, if not redressed, Ishall go for to initiate legal action against the co.

  2. I’m very disappointed with the product…as I ordered 3 denim shirts..but when I opened the was 3other shirts with different colors and very cheap quality..not at all customer care number was mentioned and..when I emailed for refund..the email id was incorrect…and not found…so I want pls return my money…that is my order number..TLMC39718

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