Thimson’s Dental Clinic – Unsatisfied orthodontic services received by Dr. T. Chandan (Oro-Dental Surgeon & Orthodontist)

Dr. T. Chandan who sits in Dental OPD in Dr. Vidyasagar Health care centre (Saidulajab, New Delhi-30) and also owns a clinic in New Friends Colony named Thimson’s Dental Clinic. I went to this Dr. in June 2011 for orthodontic treatment where 4 of my teeth were extracted and Fixed braces were placed. I was told that it will take 1- 1.5 years for the treatment after which i will only have to wear the retainers. In Dec 2012, my braces were removed by this dentist ( he was skeptical whether or not to remove my braces, due to position of my teeth, front four teeth in my upper jaw were tilted towards right hand side and my lower two molars were rotated inwards, they were off of the jaw line ), but he still went ahead and removed my braces. Now, while in retention period, my teeth were again rotating on their axis, some were tilting on to the neighbor teeth, all off sync. When I went back to him, telling him about how bad my teeth are looking as they weren’t bad or tilted at all before the treatment, they were just slightly outwards. Hearing that he again, placed fixed braces on re-align the position, but this time without the authentic dental rings around my molars . Much to my dismay, I started observing awkwardness in the way my jaw closes. He said, it’s fine, and this wont take much time to get your teeth fine and even advised that i will make your molars come back in the natural position. after few months, i visited him again, this time furious, i had a conversation with him on what exactly is he planning on doing as i could see my teeth going all over place. He then told me that he can’t re-rotate my molars and for rest of the teeth, it will again take 1-1.5 years . I was so furious that i asked him to take off the braces as i can’t devote years and years of my life with braces on my teeth and he should have advised earlier on the timeframe and his limitations with the molars, i would have not gone for it then. Now I can’t properly close my jaw in resting position, I am always struggling to close my mouth, even with 4 teeth gone, i can’t close my mouth, I am absolutely devastated with this disturbing incident in my life and keep cursing my self why did i opt for this treatment. But after reviewing your website, thought i will not suffer due to someone’s ignorance, will make him pay me back for his deeds. I spoke to him to return my money but he denied out front. I have consulted other dentist and got my lateral ceph and other xray done and my teeth are looking in a very bad shape which are the words of this other dentist. I have left the fate of my teeth to god, but please help me with the dispute. I will be submitting the pictures also Best Regards Rama

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