TimesJob – Job Scam by TimesJob

This complaint is regarding the unethical ways in which TimesJob is luring its customers with fake promises and false job offers.

I had taken Magic Resume India- Mid Level and Resume Zapper India (Order No. 1838017) on 6th of October.
On 17th of October I got a call from a representative Mr. Prashant from Times Job who claimed that I would get a job in JP Morgan Chase within a month with somewhere around 18 Lacs PA CTC if I buy the following services of Step Ahead(Order No. 1841310 and 1841300). It had cost me around 17K.

Job Interview Preparation
Professional Communication Skills
Basic Communication Skills
Education Verification
Career Solutions and remedies Report
2015 Career Graph Report
Social Profiler
Career and Finance report

I went ahead and bought the services which I neither wanted nor needed but had to buy as I was asked to do so. He also promised me that I would never get another call from Times Job for the sale of other services. Obviously he lied.
Next day morning I got a call again from him, saying that I would get a call from Verification team and I had to lie to them that no job promises was made. He told it was just a routine check thing and is not important at all. I was shocked; still agreed to him as I felt that by doing otherwise my candidature would be cancelled.
In the afternoon I got another call from Mr. Prashant, strangely this time he asked to buy the following services (around 13K) failing to do which would result in the cancellation of my candidature.

2015 Planetory Transit Reports
Ask any question Tarot
Ask any question Astro
Magic Resume International- Mid Level(add ons)
Visual Resume 3-10 years (add ons)

It didnt make any sense as these were totally not required and it would mean I had to take resume service twice. This time I was not ready and simply asked him for some time to think. But he was not ready. He simply didnt want to give me time. I requested him several times, but he didnt listen at all. I told him I have night shift and needed to take rest and go to office; still in vain.
He informed me that I have been shortlisted by the recruiting team of Times Job and hence will be directly getting job in JP Morgan. During our conversation, he even transferred the call to some Mr. Aggarwal in his office who claimed to be Prashant’s senior and belonged to the Recruitment team of TimesJob and he conducted a kind of interview(it was kind of HR interview). But I informed him that I had already resigned from my job and I dont have any more money to pay. He said he will try to adjust and will call back after some days. I missed my office that day because of him.

A few days later, I got a call again. This time he said that he had paid some amount of money(around 5K) from his pocket (because he considers me a friend!Yes, this is the reason he gave), and now I need to pay only a small amount (I need to buy a few services only); otherwise he would lose his 5K. And then started emotional blackmail. I told him I am not going to pay a single penny and I am not going to buy a single service; and told him if he can do anything with the services I have already bought then go ahead; otherwise don’t ever call me for selling other services. He said he will see what he can do and will get back to me and update me regarding my candidature accordingly.

He kept calling me a few more times in between again with all his emotional blackmails, job-offer-lollipops, mental harassment and other such things.

One whole month passed. I didnt get any job in JP Morgan. After one month he called again and started repeating the same things that if I dont buy the other services my candidature which was otherwise confirmed in JPMorgan would stand null and void. When my wife started talking to him and shouting at him he heard the alarm and took a U-turn. Now he started saying that they cannot guarantee for a job, candidates will only get more exposure.

This was my story. I am sure there are other candidates like me who suffered the same fate. It is such a shame that such kind of job-scams are happening inside Times Job offices; Times Job – a brand name everyone trusts blindly. Even I was lured by the name of Times Job. It is such a shame that such a branded company is allowing its employees to fool and mislead its customers. One one hand they have a sales team who will give you job guarantees and sell products and tell its customers not to disclose anything to verification department and on the other hand they have a verification department whose job is verifying facts which are not true at all. What is a customer supposed to do in such a case? Whom is he supposed to believe when it is TimesJob vs TimesJob? And what about the fact that it is exploiting its naive customers who are vulnerable?
I do have the call recordings of a few conversations with the TimesJob representatives. TimesJob must have it too.

So, my questions are as follows:

1. Why has Timesjob allowed this to happen? Important thing to note is that the representative didnt do it for personal gains and I have not paid any amout to him directly. I was just emotionally blackmailed and forced to buy timesjob services. First they pay a guy to lie to us that we can get a confirmed job if we buy a few services. After buying those services (AFTER is the keyword here) they make the guy tell us that in case we say the truth in verification call, we shall lose the money as well as candidature will be cancelled(REMEMBER MONEY IS AT STAKE HERE SO A CUSTOMER IS UNABLE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH). After that, they make the verification call to be clear in the legal front.
Customer loses money; doesn’t get any job and they claim that the customer is at fault without seeking any apology.

2. What compensation would I receive for my mental harassment, mis-leading me and forcing me to buy all those services which I did not need in the first place? Would I get a refund? What about the state of mind of the customers? Do you know what I am going through? I have already lost my job, currently I have borrowed some money from close family and friends. Money is something that I need the most at this point of time. Do you think I would have bought those services like career growth report, astro services, career solutions and remedies, communication skills etc with my money with a sane mind at this point of time?

3. Interestingly, some of the services are still not processed. But shamelessly Timesjob didnt get me any refund for those services as well.

4. Next time two different Timesjob employees call me and tell me two different things, whom should I believe? If I choose to believe Mr. X and not Mr. Y, is it really my fault if Mr. X turns out to be the one lying? How is it that I am 100% at fault and it was totally my responsibility and Timesjob is at 0% fault and they have no responsibility for this.

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