tirupati associate & trading co Gurgaon – for information

I also receive call from tirupati associate and trading co. Near daultabad flyover…..but I don’t know it is consultancy..if .anybody know him then plzz tell him

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  1. tiupati associate is a fraud placement agency.They take your money and makie fool of yours. please do not trust tirupati associate. once you will give money they will take to outside of compney. and then they will give you a fake id card. after some time they will ignore you. they are so dangerous.

  2. u can go to them for placement but they will place you under very harsh conditions that you yourself will give up and quit . this is there markeeting stunt . they placed me to kiran udyog . but the environment there was like hell . dont go to these fuckers they will simply waste the precious 3 months of your life under contractor basis