Toplite Holidays Pvt Ltd – Frauding and misleading of information

Reported By: Neha Yadav

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Toplite Holidays Pvt Ltd Goa

In February 2022 while we were on our vacation in Goa, one of your agent chased us on bike asking us to please listen to him near to Calangute beach. He said that it’s the anniversary day of the TOP LITE company because of which you guys are distributing vouchers. (When we visited goa next time then we got to to know every day your agents are telling this same anniversary thing shit to every person specially newly married ones in order to lure them to your defrauding scheme). In the voucher we didn’t get anything and we were about to leave when he offered us another one as anyway his plan was to get us into this trap of yours saying that one voucher is for every person. And we won something in the next voucher but here comes the best part, he told us we will have to go to the office, will have to see some presentation about the company and their properties which will take around an hour then only we will get to know what we have won.

Then he took us to Neelam Hotel near KFC and as told earlier we were given a tour of the property by Ms. Amisha who told that what facilities and room quality we are seeing in here is the minimum that you have to offer to us and that these kind of 4 and 5 star properties and hotels will be available to us in very cheap and reasonable prices all over the major tourist cities around the world if we buy your membership. And the biggest attraction to this membership was your tie-up with TVC. We remember your manager telling us that most of our memberships are sold because of this TVC partnership only and also your privileged collection of chains like “Hyatt”, “Hilton”, “Meridien” and so on and so forth. Showing us the TVC affiliated properties and some more which are not even available to be booked via your membership benefits for example “Rambagh Palace, Jaipur” the one to which we were most attracted to and which your manager told us we can book and have a stay in it for a whole week by just paying the extra exchange fee amount. We explicitly asked her to tell us thoroughly the whole TVC booking procedure because if we are able to book this and these kinds of properties then for sure this membership felt very beneficial and she assured us we can book. After seeing all these 4 star and 5 star properties we bought the membership by paying an amount of Rs. 76000/- which we didn’t have at that time but we were instantly offered EMI on credit card. At-last we got to scratch the remaining part of the voucher to get to know that we have won a 2 night stay from your end either in Ooty or Goa.

In September (which is considered as off season in Goa) we booked “de falco goa beach resort” for which we have already shared the pathetic experience with you via email(attached email for reference). First of all we had to pay Rs.1500/- per night as utility charges even for having won the gift voucher, which was not even told to us while we were being tricked into the membership as well as when we won that voucher. It was later on revealed while we were trying to book through that voucher that we needed to pay an additional fee of Rs.1500/- per night. Still we did the booking thinking that we are members and will be given preference and booked room in that hotel. The rooms were not even worth Rs.1500/- per night which you charged us despite it being a free stay. So what was that free stay?? It was all just to fool us to get inside the Neelam Hotel and lure us in buying your membership?? We could have booked a far much better hotel in Rs.1500/- amount compared to yours and this only defies the entire purpose of the membership. If as a courtesy of a gift, the hotel you are offering is like this then what we can expect from your membership hotels and as we checked the list of Toplite affiliated properties all are mostly 2 or 3 star properties instead of being 4 or 5 star properties as we were promised while selling the membership of yours.

Even after this we continued to have trust in you guys and tried to book your TVC affiliated property for special occasion of our 1st wedding anniversary on Feb 23 but on talking to TVC agent, she said under that too we have only limited options. This is when we came to know that Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is not an affiliated property with Toplite or TVC and hence cannot be booked via this membership. What a fool you have made of us by tricking us into this membership showing misleading and false information. Seeing such fraudulent activities of yours we don’t trust your company and don’t want to be a part of this membership. We want our membership to be cancelled and the whole amount of Rs. 76000/- plus interest on Emi of Rs. 14000/- i.e. total amount of Rs. 90000/- refunded as we have been cheated and fooled into this showing false and misleading data otherwise we will be going to consumer court against this and asking them to shut down your activities on basis of you selling your membership on false promises. Also we are publishing this whole incident on public forums and social websites so that people are aware of your tactic of defrauding them.


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