Toshiba – Faulty AC

We are facing problem with TOSHIBA AC installed in our office. I am attaching the copy of letter which was sent to TOSHIBA air conditioning. If you need any further details kindly let me know.

These A.C.’s have frequent part failures in past.

Problems faced currently:

1) A.C. complete breakdown
2) Problem of water leakage which has damaged the false Ceiling & interiors.
3)A.C. not cooling properly ever since installation.

Mr Suresh Akundi (Manager Service) of Toshiba had visited us today and examined all the Air Conditioners, He checked the water leakages in the ceiling etc and also took photographs of interior and exterior units and after complete examination he said “only the part for which it has been established that it was damaged due to the carelessness of Toshiba’s dealer , will be replaced free of cost by them” He also said in order to fix the water leakage etc breaking of wall or ceiling will have to be done and will be done on chargeable basis.

We had paid 3 times the cost on product & quality assurance by a International Japanese giant like Toshiba.
In past we have already suffered due to frequent failure of these machines we paid heavy repair bills but still had to wait for more than a months time.




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