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Reported By: Omar Rivas

Contact information:
Toyota Motor Corporation

Oxford, England, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Dear Sir/Madam,

Nissan Juke reg. LX15XLV until the issue with agreement 000030233910

I hope you are very well. I would like to share recent experience with Inchcape Toyota Kidlington Oxford UK.

I bought the car because the validation certificate and the description on the window said 9159 miles. If I had known it was close to 50000 miles I would not have bought the vehicle.

In the end they gave me my money back from the traded car and overlaid expenses but they did not offer any gesture of goodwill and the General Manager accused of using threating language which is simply untrue. I want to share my frustration at the lack of respect, empathy and understating regarding my situation. When he came twice to my office to negotiate a financial award and in the end when I gave the car back I did not receive any financial award. I am aware that the law is different in every country but customer service should be outstanding everywhere.

Please read below my email.
Ref. LX15XLV (White Nissan Juke) sold with an extra 40000 mileage than advertised.
I would like to thank your prompt reply regarding my main concern financial award/financial compensation in my previous email, however you seem to have totally ignored them altogether.
As a result I sent an email to the Financial Conduct Authority, as an unfair contract terms in consumer contract.
You may find useful to know that my family and I we are obsessed with Toyota, the first car of my dad was a Toyota, and my first car in Mexico was a Toyota. When I am renting a car I try to choose a Toyota.

When I visited my family in Abu Dhabi they had a Toyota. We drove in the desert without issues. My family in USA have a Toyota. In Spain my parents in law have a Toyota. We are simply obsessed with the brand as you can see.
I have been a loyal customer of your branch for the last five years. When I went to buy this car my daughter wanted a Toyota C-HR and I told her and I promised to her if you speak Spanish soon in four years’ time we will come and buy the red one that you liked. After this we do not want to buy a car with you, as we are put off with the abysmal level of service. You have lost us as a potential customers.
You have failed to uphold your commitments. You breached the contract. You do not represent the Toyota’s culture. You are not offering a cut edge, blue chip and world class customer service.
Coming from and underdeveloped country (Mexico) we had some issues with the dealership and they solved them in an efficient and diligent manner. Essentially the customer service was superior.
Perhaps my English is unclear or I have not explained myself properly when I was requesting a financial compensation as in the last email that you sent me, you have not mentioned a word of the financial award/monetary retribution.
I am wondering how this complaint would be dealt in Japan because we know that in USA, Spain, Mexico and Abu Dhabi my family and I we had experienced professionalism, seriousness and respect.
I am sure is not the Make (Toyota) but in fact the dealer. I am travelling to Japan and it would be interesting to share my recent experience with you here in England.
I am working with many customers and we know that any wrong decision can put this enterprise at stake.
You are leaving us unsatisfied, depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed customers. Leaving us with a nasty taste in our mouth. Your service is subpar and not world-class customer service.
You did not reach or even exceed our expectations, the experience is lamentable and deplorable. I lost faith in you.
The way this has been handled is just generating considerable irritation on my part, and to my family and colleagues.
Last November 2017 as you may know a Japanese train company has apologised to passengers after a train departed 20 seconds too early. As quote

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused, ” the company said.
“The crew did not sufficiently check the departure time and performed the departure operation.”
They assured customers that staff had been given additional training to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
I know that we are not in Japan and I know that I am not in Mexico. Here probably it can be described as the culture of I do not care in Mexico perhaps Manana, Manana.
I am in calm because when I will be retired I know I will have a clear consciousness that I have done my job in a moral and efficient fashion.
Probably as Mexican my level of command in English is not great. And you probably have not understand my petition about financial compensation from the very beginning or just you are unwilling to pay for your mistakes.

Normally if you go to an ice cream shop and ice cream is not edible they will change and give one more as an apologies.

Toyota Kidlington evidences lack of management, communication between the staff and the general manager, for example when your manager came to talk to me about the compensation that you agreed, you asked how much do want and I replied to you “I will ask for legal advice” you did not know that I was a loyal customer since the last five years at your dealership, it was just awful….disgraceful!

Lack of integrity when you offer a compensation, and not named in your last email. Probably I am not contacting the right team within Toyota, if it could be the case could you please redirect me with the correct people.

We are all family and colleagues shocked by the standards of very poor, decant and not cut edge customer service.

We love the Japanese culture hard working attention to details, perfectionism.

I trusted you, I left my car in my garage to my surprised I realised that you did not put the logbook, nor MOT’s certificate, you missed one of my signatures in the contract and the mileage was 40000 miles more than stated in the validation certificate you gave me. According to the contracted that I signed you were charging 10 p for every exceeded mile.

It is very clear that I will not buy a car from you, and probably with this nasty experience we are put off from buy another car. Most of my colleagues are now just hiring a car. The culture of renting a bike or car now it is more useful and trendy than the idea of a possession of a vehicle which will bring you too much hassle like this one.

I would like to know the way that Toyota deals with this kind of complaints.

I don’t want a car from you as a dealership. Perhaps I will buy from another Japanese company like Nissan. Because I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with the Make it is just you as a dealer. It is a shame that Oxford has a university town for hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge and prestige which possesses an international reputation and it is well-known city for the excellence. Toyota Inchcape Kidlington Oxford authorised dealership does not match these values complete and utterly incompatible.

It is sad, disappointing and disconcerting that in your email to utter and completely disregard my petition about the Financial compensation /financial award.

Is this your last offer?

Do you normally compensate your clients when you made a mistake?

After this issue has been resolved I will happily share my experience with everyone.

Kind regards,

Omar Rivas Rosiles

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