Toyota Motor Corporation – Tires Bald inside 50,000KM

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Reported By: Hilton Rock

Contact information:
Toyota Motor Corporation
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Attn : Toyota Japan,

Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject : Toyota FJ 2016 Tires Bald
Ref: JTEBU11F8GK231535

I purchased brand new 2016 FJ from Abu Dhabi, UAE in March-2016, I faithfully did service with the dealer ship until 40, 0000KM, During my 20, 000KM and 30, 000KM service I asked the service agent were my tires rotated and the answer was no. I had mentioned that around touching the 110KM speed there was always a wobble felling on the steering wheel. At 30K service The answer I got was if the rotation would be done, then the ride would be uncomfortable as the tires would be not evenly balance on road.

During that time balding of tires was not easily noticeable, I was not happy and opted not to continue with the 40K, 50K and 60K service, because I felt that they were not doing anything different. I do not understand how the brand new vehicle inside 2 years the 50K mileage could have alignment issues, The car has never met with an accident.

By 50 K I noticed the tires balding one side and I have taken pictures, at 52K I rotated the tiers but the noise inside the cabin was unbearable.

That’s when I was advised by a colleague to take it in and check the alignment, I had doubts so I went to an workshop and checked on a computerized wheel alignment machine, the compete alignment of the vehicle was off on the left side, the results were alarming, I had to buy 4 new Micheline tires, If the issues would have been addressed and the protocol would have been followed at 10K, 20K, 30K service I would have not have to Change all 4 at 55K, but the issue does not stop here, the alignment was so way off the tires would bald faster anyways. I had to spend AED 2, 145/- for 4 new tires and Alignment, which was not necessary at this time.

In my company we had purchased 4 Toyotas all of which have been driven over 120K and the original tires were in good shape. How come mine were gone.

I would like Toyota Japan to investigate the issue with the dealers and find out by was the protocol for rotation of tires not done during the initial service, I should be reimbursed. I have picture of the tire before changing, also comparison of Toyota PRADO complete agency serviced 110K tires still in good shape.

Hoping to hear from some one soon


Hilton Rock
[email protected]

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