– Unable to withdraw money from wallet – Unable withdraw money as they are asking me to pay 30% tax on the profit else wait for 60 days to get auto deduct

Reported By: Rakesh Achari

Contact information:
US India (Delhi I believe)

I have registered on portal in July. Post multiple self attempt trading…i failed to earn the money.
Anna (Little assistant @anna@6607 & @Anna5507) same person. Adviced me to arrange 1000$ to start trading with the most senior most analysist (Mr Jack @Jack1160) which i believed and invested. On 1st Aug’22 my trading started and my profit on the LNO platform increased to 10000$. I asked them to stop so that i can arrange for 20% commission and withdraw on 8th morning. I paid the commission by lending from friends and relatives and few from my account.
On 8th Aug’22 morning. Suddenly the platform announced a notice that “As per the latest guidelines from Government of India. 30% tax to be deducted on capital gain”.
When I tried to contact customer care, they adviced me to pay the tax however due to financial crisis I wasn’t able to pay. Customer care said I have to wait until 1st Oct or before 15th Oct’22. the System will auto deduct the tax and that time I should be able to withdraw the full amount. However, when i tried to remind CSA on 15 that only 15 days are remaining they said all other indian users have withdrawn the money and I am the only user pending to be withdrawn. I was asked to contact the third party @anna6607 to avoid the tax and help fix the issue.
I immediately contacted Anna and she adviced me to pay 500$ to the company corporate so that they can deal with LNO and help withdraw the money. As soon as i pay i will be able to do the withdrawal in 10-15 mins.

After sometime. Anna informed that LNO platform has informed that Mobile Photography of the tax bill is not enough and we have to send the original copy to the LNO office post i can withdraw. It will take atleast 2 days to receive. I waited for 2 days and on the third day. Anna and Mr. Jack blocked me on telegram with no reason which shocked me and resulting my BP shooting up. All the chat history of Anna and Jack was erased..
I contacted CSA of LNO on 15th Sept and till today there is no response however they haven’t blocked me yet. so hoping i will a response or they will block.

I would request you to take action and allow for refund atleast the invested amount id 3000$ which I can clear my debts.
Total invested 1000$ + commission 2000$.
I have now

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  1. Bro Still your problem is solved or not ….
    Whay you can not take legally action to the cyber crime brach office……I am having same problem……pl send me your number ….
    I will show you something…..

    1. Hello … Rakesh I am Aejaz Shaikh from.Maharashtra ..
      I am having also same scam in LNO platform …
      Also they demanding me till date 30% tax.
      So your problem is solve or not plz reply .
      On my mail .