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Reported By: sanchu

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Transtech Type Data Management

I registered them by paying 3600 Rs. and got my work two days later. I got my work on 8 July 2020, but after 10 days, i faced a tragedy that my mother died in an accident, and father was admitted to hospital with minor injuries. after a few days i informed them this case and i resent completed 280 pages on 500. I told them that i quit and can’t complete the entire work because of, for hospital and other procedures. I begged them to return the fee amount that i paid, because i quit before the date and very much needed for that money. I borrowed so much money from a lot of people for my hospital needs. I informed them my condition and begged a lot through whats app and e-mail. They did not give any replay. No one can beg like this for money to anyone, and i did that because of my bad time, and need of money.
Please can anyone inform me is there a chance for getting the amount, i am begging like this because each amount is a treasure for me in this time. My father is still in hospital.

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