Travel Magica – Fraud Travel Company

Reported By: Fashion Hub

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Travel Magica Noida

Hii……This is a very fraud company…..They just offer may things before booking any package and payment ..They ask for full payment first then after receiving the payment they just deny their offer & misbehave with loud voice using cheap words….They will ask for extra 20k after making the full payment for tour…and if we ask why extra payment they will just shout and say if you want to travel then you have to pay this charge or else don’t travel….if we ask for refund they will shout and say ” we are not going to refund you do whatever you want to do ” misbehaving like heel with loud voice , rude & cheap words….At last we have to give extra 20k for it……After paying extra 20k ( That is 30% of full payment ) We got a poor guest room in place of 4 star hotel , no pickup & Drop ( But Mentioned in package ) ….The room was very dirty and was at very outskirt of city….May be the rent of that room was around 300 to 400 INR only….But they charged for 4 star hotel service…..Our tour was totally spoiled by them please report them take any action towards ” Travel Magica , Noida, UP ” The website link is below please take any action ” “

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