Unicare Developer & Infrastructure – hope company is not a fraud.

I have purchased 2 plots of 200 sq yards each in 2012. visited the site twice but still no development. no plotting, no water, no electricity, nothing. please let me know what are your future plans and when are you planning to execute them for residency phase 4. hope that your company is not a fraud. thank you. Mr Arya.

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  1. Unicare company is totally fake company it’s all projects is fake, their main aim to cheat the people,they are running 17 fake company with different name, make totally fraud and after words does not give any response , Govt must be take Serious Action against them.

  2. i have taken 200 sq yard plot in phase 3, but after 7 year they told that price is same that will be in 2013 so i got very hopeless mean property rate is not still increase so it is very disappointing for me.

  3. Unicare is big time fraud company i have worked there they dont have legal paper they are selling by giving advetisment by newspaper they are cheating i m saying becouse i have worked there i objected but they took my resignation and did’nt give my salary Kindly beware from this fake company …………….