Upgrad abroad – Cancellation of admission and refund my amount

Reported By: Prayas kumar

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Upgrad abroad Noida
https:// www.upgradabroad.com/

UpGrad abroad team Simmi Juyal and Aman raj Keshari had scam with me and my family UpGrad played with my feeling and emotions I was enrolling for the program with UpGrad so I clearly said to aman and Simmi that you can do loan process so I want to do process otherwise you can’t so I don’t want enrolment with you because i didn’t come under eligibility criteria because I was and now 20 year old but they didn’t response my phone call ,messages and at the first step they said me for registration by paying 25000 and didn’t refund me. So 15 days later aman call me they required the CO applicant because I’m not eligible I knew that before so later aman and simmi said that loan process they are making in 2 parts one of my mother name and another was on my name but I told firstly to them make the 1 process for my loan because I wouldn’t pay for both I had my 12000 salary and instalment is over 16000 so how can I pay but aman said that I only have to instalment for three months continues after aman Simmi will be helping me with hold up the loan payment which is I can pay when I reach Germany working part time job. but now almost I tried everything by mailing UpGrad Student support, messages to Simmi, Aman and Student Buddy Khushboo Rani and also having customer helpline number don’t know how many times I did it but no response only saying they’re not cancel my admission and refunding my payment I have the proof of my payment invoice offer letter and they said me they’re providing me education loan butI not it is personal loan with 26 percent interest and since long time Simmi and aman is answering and I also uploaded many comments on Instagram, linked, Twitter but they’re only saying no cancel no refund. and today 30/07/23 I commented on UpGrad Facebook post they blocked me and deleted my comment and UpGrad is fake and do fraud so I only want now help me cancel my admission and refund my amount otherwise I’ll suicide because I know how bank member misbehave and abuse with my family and me my 12 year sister they threatened to us by messages and call come to house humiliating they do me and my family.
My civil is falling down at the age of 20 and my mother also civil effecting only reason for UpGrad fake promises and commitments cancel my admission and refund my amount. take a legal action against UpGrad.

How to file a complaint against Upgrad abroad?

* Go to page
* Write Upgrad abroad in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Upgrad abroad.

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  1. Hey, I am facing the same situation as you. I have call recordings with Aman too. And how he used manipulative sales tactics to lure me into this program. We can go legally with this, as your statements with this will help my case and will surely offer you some resolution as well.

    Contact me: drop me an email at [email protected]