Urgent Vacancies com – got a call from Urgent Vacancies

Yesterday, I got a call from Urgent Vacancies com….thay told me that thy will provide me a job in my own city. they gave me some Company name with their locations…. I asked them about the exact location and Company name, but they denied and told me that if they give me the exact address , I will visit the Company on my own and they will lose their money…..I said OK, then they told me to Come online to fill the FORM and make the payment…I went online and completed the process as they were telling me on phone simuntanously…..but when I was about to complete the paocess and click on PROCEED…the system asked for ONE TIME PASSWORD which I did not have as my Mobile no. was not registered with the BANK.. the person told me to Call Customer care to get me the Password…..but the BANK Customer Care refused to give me OTP….the person compelled me to go to the BANK on the next day to get my Mobile no. registered ..but due to Saturday the BANK was closed in the afternoon and I could not get my no. registered…. Now they have promised me to call me on MONDAY i.e. 6th JAnuary …to remind me that I have to go to the Bank to resgister my no…..thay are trying hard to get the money out of my accont…They did even called me fronm their MOBILE no. when I was not answering the call from their Landline .. …. they have made fool of many people …now I will make fool of them…..HAHAHAH

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