urgent vacancies – deduction of 15000 rs from the account

Dear sir/mam MY NAME IS UDITA TRIPATHI, i got a call from urgent vacancies .com to provide jobs in multinational companies, and the registration charge is 2100, after i deposited the amount they made a second call to me to generate order id and in turn they deducted 12900 rs from my account, what the hell is this institute they are working here just to take money from the clients. they should be put behind the bars before they cheat another client.
hope to get a positive response from this site otherwise i will have to go to another door.

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  1. Same thing happened to me also on the day before yesterday. First i got a call regarding job vacancies and registration charge was 1500 . Then 2nd time they asked for Rs 11200 , I was shocked, first they said u have to pay only 1500 rs but later they asked for 11200 additional payment and i didnt had that much amount in my account then they asked me how much money you have in your account i said 5000 only then they asked me to go to home page and refresh it and then again follow the same procedure. Later that amount changed in 3000 then i talked with their PRM he said its just a company generated amount and it will be mentioned in your confirmation later . I asked to provide me all your details and address and also contact no. but they said once you process this request we will provide and mail you all the details and personal contact number of PRM and HR . They mentioned PRM name as Mr. Mank . Still i had doubt on them so i refused to pay and later they convinced me and i got trapped and completed that transaction.
    Now They asked me to wait for emails and call from PRM.
    In my case amount transacted is less but the case is same as you UDITA. They asked me to wait for 24hrs so i am doing that and if i wont get any response I will make complaint against them.
    Their agency name is AMIT RECRUITMENT AGENCY my software tracked their no.

  2. Dear Udita,
    This same call had come on my number on dated 8/1/13 and aksed me to join job urgent in videocon. for this i have to pay 1500/- for online registration but i am very clever then that person. i was well know that man is fraud so i refused to join.