Urgent Vacancies

I received a call from Urgent Vacancies, +911206191600 @ 4:45 PM today, 2nd December 2013, asking me if I am a job seeker, when I affirmed, the lady on the other side said, we have access to back door recruitments on various fields, when I said, Telecommunication, Electronics will do, she said, I should pay Rs. 1,500 to gain entry to Samsung, or Wipro, via Back door recruitment. She will be providing Q/A that will be asked to me during the Interview. I had my doubts from the beginning, still I went on and heard what she had to offer. I also asked, whether it will be acceptable if I pay the amount after getting the job, she said, I had to pay first, then she will be sending job details, without disconnecting my call, and it’s One-Day offer only. I had enough, and disconnected.

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