urgent vaccancies – cheaters/frauders

Today i got a call from Urgent vacancies..
SAURABH asked me to pay 1500 rupees. and i wasn’t having that much balance in my account.
Then ANIL, said u can give me your friends account number and details… He said it’s mandatory to pay today only. I got a doubt and then i consulted with my friend and also went through the reviews regarding this company– “URGENT VACANCIES”… Then I trhougt.. Thank GOD!!!! I escaped from paying them any money.. Please friends be aware of these cheaters!!!!!

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  1. Hey,
    Today i got a call from urgent vacancies and ask for the same bank details of mine or if i have any other bank debit card or of any of my friend’s debit card. But as i was not having any of them i was saved from the scam and due to no balance the urgentvacancies didn’t took any of the money. I was asked to pay 2100. So friends please be aware of this kind of phone calls….Be Safe…